Street League beats target in first-ever Christmas campaign

Thank you to everyone who got involved and donated to help us beat our target!

As youth unemployment hits record highs, Street League took part in the Big Give Christmas Campaign for the first time. Thank you to everyone who got involved and donated to help us beat our target!

We exist to help young people thrive. Our sports and employability academies are fun, safe environments for young people to develop their confidence and increase their ambitions. This year, Street League took part in the national Big Give campaign to raise £4,000 and give 150 young people a second chance to gain vital qualifications.

We are delighted to announce that we smashed our target and raised an incredible £7,371! This will support 273 young people to gain their qualifications and find work!

Youth unemployment is rising to its highest levels in decades due to this year's crisis. Young people who leave school with few or no qualifications struggle to find skilled work or move into further education. Thanks to our incredible supporters, 273 young people will be able to gain vital qualifications and set themselves positive goals for their futures. Thank you!

Your support will help young people like Nazir to gain their qualifications and move into work.

Nazir said: “It's the fundamentals you learn from there. You get taught how to speak to people and how to carry yourself. They teach you how to come across in interviews, and also other stuff that you need to know while you're working. You're not taught that in school. I think that's just a key part of it." 

"I want to work in something to do with auto electrician or mechanics and wanted to do an apprenticeship to help me learn. I needed my level two maths and English to get in, so passing my qualifications at Street League actually helped them notice me when I applied."

"If someone was thinking about joining Street League I’d tell them just to go down, take a look. Because it's worth it. Once you actually join you realise it's really good for you.”

Nazir - Former Street League participant

Dougie Stevenson, Street League’s Managing Director, says: ‘Our Qualifications can be the first positive learning experience that our young people have. School doesn’t work for all and for many it’s the first accreditation they have received in their lives’.

With your support we can help more young people like Nazir. If you missed the chance to donate during our Big Give campaign, you can still donate today and support young people this Christmas at

Thank you for changing young lives through sport.

If you have questions about our Christmas campaign or would like to chat about supporting Street League, please contact

Thank you so much for your support.

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