Street League wins at the SURF Awards

Street League's Head Body Future programme won in the Supporting Youth Employability Category at the SURF Awards on the 18th February.

This year, due to Covid-19, the ceremony was held online for the first time. 150 attendees joined the live stream to hear about the nominees and watch MSP Aileen Campbell announce the winners. 

Nominated alongside charities Move On and Community Renewal Trust, Street League was recognised for its ability to adapt and take all 17 Scottish academies online through the newly developed Head Body Future programme . 

The category, sponsored by Skills Development Scotland, was judged by Elaine Walls (Skills Development Scotland), Arthur McNeaney (DRC Youth Project), Fiona Doring (Impact Arts) and Blyth Deans (The Lennox Partnership). 

Introducing Street League, Elaine Walls said Street League faced "a specific challenge of taking 17 community programmes online, especially when they're all about sport."

"Their answer was the Head Body Future programme. The 'Head' aspect tackles mental health challenges. 'Body' engages with their large portfolio of fitness classes, not just their original football. The 'Future' looks at how to alleviate poverty and super charge young people to be able to move forward".

Elaine Walls made specific reference to Street League's ability to overcome barriers by providing young people with data bolt ons and sending out devices to enable people to continue to access programmes.

Referring to one young person who had grown in confidence through taking part in the Head Body Future programme, Elaine Walls said: "The effect on the young people was profoundly explained by one young person who had suffered from an enormous lack of self confidence. This lady's online participation had begun with the camera off, but gradually she became able to show her face to the group as she gained confidence.The transformation that we witnessed was enormous".

The transformation that we witnessed was enormous

Elaine Walls

- Skills Development Scotland

Accepting the award on behalf of Street League, Co-Managing Director Dougie Stevenson said: "Thank you very much, it's a pleasure to share a platform with Move On and Community Renewal Trust, two incredible third sector organisations."

"What a great endorsement from the team at SURF, thanks so much. I need to say thanks to the staff at Street League who have been incredible." 

"We're committed to helping Scotland's youth and making Scotland a better place and this means a lot to us, thank you so much."

We're committed to helping Scotland's youth and making Scotland a better place and this means a lot to us, thank you so much.

Dougie Stevenson

Managing Director, Street League

Running since 1998 the SURF Awards recognise and reward best practice and innovation in community regeneration. Through the awards, SURF Scotland aims to promote and share examples of best practice. It also aims to highlight the role that regeneration projects have in improving the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

The winners of the SURF Awards 2020 are: 

  • Housing and RegenerationNith Valley Leaf Trust Community-Owned Passivhaus Project (Closeburn, Dumfries and Galloway).

    Scotland’s first community-owned homes built to ‘Passivhaus’ ultralow energy standards met two distinct community needs around a lack of affordable housing and addressing fuel poverty.

  • Creative RegenerationThe Glasgow Barons (Govan, Glasgow).

    A Govan based orchestra initiative which brings the community together for musical performances, showcases local talent and highlights Govan’s historical architecture.

  • Community Led RegenerationThe Tannahill Centre (Ferguslie Park, Paisley).

    An under-utilised centre has reformed its role and become a trusted community hub, providing an enhanced portfolio of services, and better engaging with the local community.

  • Supporting Youth Employability: Street League: Head, Body, Future (National).

    Head Body Future (HBF) is Street League’s online youth employment service, which works with young people who face insecurity every day.

  • Scotland’s Most Improved Place: Campbeltown Town Centre (Argyll and Bute).

    A combination of community-led regeneration and a multimillion pound renovation project have produced a thriving town centre, and Campbeltown is becoming an increasingly attractive place to live, work and invest.

  • Special Recognition Award: Ambitious Partnership for Improvement (Larkhall, South Lanarkshire). 

    A collaborative community effort in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, for their outstanding effort to support their local community weather the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

By Rebecca Corbett

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